Surgery wound treatment

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10 May 2022
Surgery wound treatment
       Whether it’s a treatment or a cosmetic surgery. After receiving one, the wounds should be cared for properly to achieve fast recovery and to prevent further complications. We have listed a few advice for wound treatment below

Preventing infections from surgery wounds
  • Use plasters as prescribed
          Plaster is a very useful tool to treat wounds. It prevents germs from entering the body. The plaster should be used according to the wound size and age, so use as frequently and as long as prescribed.
  • Keep the wound dry
          24 hours after the surgery is a crucial moment. The wound should be kept dry and away from moisture to prevent germs and further inflammation. Showering should be allowed at least 2 days after the surgery
  • Avoid heavy lifting
          To allow the wound to heal and recover quickly. Heavy chores or lifting should be avoided to prevent tearing of the wound. Such activities should be prohibited for at least 2 weeks
  • Consume more protein

          As we all know, protein helps with wound recovery. After receiving a surgery, one should consume more protein to recover faster, and remember to drink a lot of water too.

          Avoid raw or fermented foodFermented and raw food is one of the things that go against surgery wounds. It still can be consumed, but only in the right amount and must be prepared cleanly and safely. Avoid having the food entirely is recommended to reduce risks.
  • Do not exercise
          Too much movement can make the wound worse. Exercising can cause sweat to accumulate around the wound, making it more difficult to treat properly and increase the chance of infections
  • Do not smoke
          Toxins in cigarettes can destroy useful cells in the wounded area. Smoking must not be allowed during treatment to prevent skin tearing and infections
  • Consume all prescribed antibiotics
          A doctor usually prescribed some antibiotics after a surgery. The patient must consume them as prescribed or the body can be drug resistant otherwise.
      Wounds should be inspected regularly to check for any abnormality or infections. If fuss or water is leaking out, swell, bruised or pain is occurring to the wound, see the doctor immediately

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