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      The Radiology Department provides diagnostic imaging services to patients, including outpatients, inpatients, and patients who have been transferred to the hospital to receive emergency care. The department also offers radiology consultation to equip patients with accurate and complete information about radiology, ensuring that each patient receives services in a timely and efficient manner.



  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • Hysterosalpingography


      Open daily, 24 hours a day


Contact Information

      Radiology Department, 1st Floor, Phitsanulok Hospital

      Telephone : 055 909 888 ext. 1144

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Dr. Natthaphong Chareewit

Natthaphong Chareewit

Radiology Department

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Hepatitis Vaccine

Vaccine Packages

Hepatitis Vaccine

To help patients protect their health and prevent diseases, we also offer vaccine packages and free health check-up for social security members. In addition, patients can check their social security benefits directly at the Phitsanulok Hospital.
690 Baht
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Health Check-up Before Marriage and Before Having Children

Health Check-up Packages

Health Check-up Before Marriage and Before Having Children

Check the readiness and completeness of the body before having children. To ensure good health for a healthy family before planning a family. Get ready for the perfect little one.
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Milk Stimulation

Stimulates Breast Milk Packages

Milk Stimulation

Milk stimulation program for postpartum women by physical therapist. Suitable for mothers who have breast engorgement, no milk flow, clogged milk ducts or in the case of wanting better milk flow.
710 Baht
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