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Phitsanulok Hospital formerly known as Inter Vejchakan Hospital was registered under the name of Phitsanulok Inter Vejchakan Company Limited on February 17, 1994. The hospital is located at 262/55 Baromtailokanart Road, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phitsanulok Province.

The company was established primarily to operate a 60-bed private hospital with overnight care and has obtained Hospital License No. 10201009162 (its former Hospital License number was 10201011952). Phitsanulok Hospital is currently under the management of Everland Public Company Limited, which also manages and oversees Chiangmai Hospital and Ratchasima Hospital.
“Phitsanulok Hospital has begun increasing its capacity at the end of 2016 in pursuit of its vision to provide 24-hour, high-quality health care services to patients in Phitsanulok and neighboring provinces in the safest and most effective manner. ”The hospital has increased its capacity in various areas, ranging from facilities to medical equipment and personnel. More specifically, the Health Check-up Center was established to offer medical examination services, and the Physical Therapy Center was later established to examine, evaluate, and diagnose physical impairments in patients. Likewise, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been renovated to feature more advanced medical equipment with improved environment and service quality.
In addition, the hospital has renovated multiple departments, including the inpatient ward, Health Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, and reception area on the first floor, to improve their aesthetics and present a more modern and elegant appeal. The Social Insurance Department has also been expanded to provide a one-stop service to patients. The hospital will continue to implement

We attach great importance to quality and safety, as well as striving for service excellence, in alignment with the slogan, "Offering simple yet high-quality care with affordable prices and impressive services."

The hospital changed its name from Inter Vejchakan Hospital to Phitsanulok Hospital.
My Hospital Company Limited, a subsidiary of Everland Public Company Limited, invested in Phitsanulok Inter Vejchakan Company Limited through share purchases.
The Emergency Center was expanded.
The hospital reduced the number of beds to 60.
The hospital began its operations with a total of 100 beds.
The hospital was established by a group of doctors, businessmen, and individuals, under the name of Inter Vejchakan Hospital.