How to treat hair fall

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11 May 2022
How to treat hair fall
      A person has about 90,000 - 140,000 hair on average, and 50-100 of them would fall each day. If hair falls more than that, it can lead to hair fall issues. This could be caused by many reasons such as genetic, daily routine and behavior. Of course, nobody wants to have a hair fall issue, so let’s fix this

Hair fall from mis-treatment

  • Paraben or Silicone Shampoo is irritating for the scalp, which can cause hair fall
  • Excessive massaging or scratching during hair wash can leads to weak hair and more 
  • Hair wash with warm and hot water may cause dry scalp and weak hair and may lead to more hair fall.
  • Drying with high temperature can lead to weak and crisp hair and more hair fall.
  • Sleeping with wet hair can cause mold and bacteria, leading to weak hair Tying up the hair too tight can lead to hair fall.
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Other reasons of hair fall
  • Stress can affect hair quality. The body produces cortisol during stress, which causes weak and short hair.
  • Sunlight. UV rays in sunlight causes hair to lose moisture and hair coating , which can lead to hair fall.
  • Malnutrition, consuming low amounts of nutritions make hair weaker. Protein and enough water is required to maintain good health of the hair.
  • Hormones, with irregular and not enough rest, the body may produce different amounts of hormones which can cause hair fall.
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Treatments to eliminate hair fall
  • Choose the right shampoo for the hair conditions. Select one that contains the necessary ingredients for hair health.
  • Wash hair in the room temperature to maintain good moisture level.
  • Avoid scrubbing or combing when the hair is still wet to prevent loss of essential coating.
  • Dry hair with cold air, or use a fan
  • Exercise regularly to stimulate blood circulation for stronger hair roots
  • Massage with hands to stimulate blood circulation
  • Coat hair with natural substances such as Yolk Honey, Green tea. These can help with hair strength and increase hair growth.
  • Consume supplements such as Vitamin A, B 12, E, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium.
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      And these are the reasons and the solutions for your hair. If you tried all of this and they don’t work, please consult your physician immediately.

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