Parents should know! How to prevent RSV virus during school for children

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27 May 2023

Parents should know! How to prevent RSV virus during school for children

      RSV virus is a virus that causes respiratory disease. It can be transmitted by direct contact with secretions or environments that are contaminated with secretions. It usually occurs among children under the age of 5. It has flu-like symptoms. The RSV virus can be very dangerous if the child develops complications which can be severe to death.

virus symptoms

  • A lot of phlegm
  • Coughing a lot
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing, panting, tired



If you are infected with RSV, what should you do?

  • Separate used equipment and containers.
  • See a doctor to treat symptoms.
  • Sick children should be separated from normal children to prevent the spread of infection and stop studying until they recover.



How to protect your baby from the RSV virus

  • Always wash your hands clean.
  • Avoid going to communities or crowded places.
  • Regular cleaning of children's items and toys



      Currently, there is no vaccine that prevents RSV infection, nor is there a direct cure for RSV virus. Treatment is only a supportive treatment according to the symptoms, such as giving antipyretics, sucking phlegm, giving bronchodilators in patients with bronchial stenosis, providing oxygen, providing adequate fluid replacement. Patients with mild symptoms do not require hospitalization.


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