Problems that are common in postpartum women.

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07 Jun 2022
4 problems that are common in postpartum women.
      Both physical and mental changes occur not only during pregnancy but in postpartum conditions. The main cause is estrogen hormone and progesterone hormone changes. Here is 4 problems that are common in postpartum women.
  • Breast engorgement.
    It usually occurs after giving birth in the early stages. The symptoms of breast stiffness in both breasts with less milk outflow are often both at the same time, caused by the creation of milk until the breast is full, but cannot be drained.
  • Blocked duct.
    Palpate for a lump in the breast, tenderness on the skin above the red lump, no fever and possibly a white spot on the nipple.
  • Mastitis.
    Palpation reveals a swollen lump, red, hot, painful grip, high fever (above 38.5 degrees Celsius) and may be accompanied by chills.
  • Breast abscess.
    It is caused by breast engorgement and inflammation that has not been drained until it becomes pus, noticeable abscess, severe pain and fever. Need to see a doctor urgently to drain the pus out

      These problems can be treated with duct massage and ultrasound by a physical therapist. Phitsanulok Hospital welcomes a consultation by a physical therapist.

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