Knee Replacement Surgery Is Not As Frightening As You Would Think

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05 Sep 2022
Did You Know...? Knee Replacement Surgery Is Not As Frightening As You Would Think
      #KneeOsteoarthritis Knee osteoarthritis is a disorder that develops with age and use. Knee osteoarthritis is a common condition that is difficult to avoid. However disease can be slowed down by early detection under experience physician. If symptoms are not treated promptly, they may worsen and necessitate surgery. Don't necglect knee deformity, difficult

      Depending on the symptoms and stage of the disease, osteoarthritis can be treated in a variety of ways.

  • #Non-drug Therapy Non-drug treatment options include weight loss, exercise, and strengthening the muscles around the knee, as well as alternative approaches such as laser or acupuncture
  • #Medication Treatment Oral medications, topical medication and  injections into the knee joint, are available for treatment. The treatment mothods will be selected based on each individual's symptoms and eligibility. Before beginning treatment, patients should consult with a specialist doctor
  • #Surgical Treatment Arthroscopy and knee replacement surgery are two surgical options

      Knee osteoarthritis is a disease with moderate symptoms in the early stages that show the good result if you take care of your health and modify dangerous activities that affect knee pressure. If you have symptoms that are comparable to knee osteoarthritis, we can evaluate them at your home. You can go to the doctor if the symptoms do not improve so that the doctor can diagnose and provide the treatment.

      #Consult the outpatient department and request more information: call 055-909888, extension 1139.

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