How to Protect Yourself from "Lightning"

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01 Sep 2022

How to Protect Yourself from "Lightning"

      When it rains, thunders, and  lightning, we often tease each other, "Who swears what and where?  "Be careful"  This is a humorous myth that Thai people have held for a long time, although the lightning phenomenon is a natural event that does not include any swearing. As a result, for your protection during this rainy season, Phitsanulok Hospital has compiled some tips on how to protect yourself from thunderstorms. 

  • If you must hide in the open, please sit with your knees bent and your head between your toes to reduce your contact area with the earth. Squatting on the ground is dangerous because electricity can move through the earth. 
  • Do not stand under or near tall trees, especially in high locations or near heights. 
  • In open settings, do not use mobile phones or carry umbrellas with metal spikes, as this increases the chance of lightning strikes. 
  • Stay away from the door and window flap if you are in the building, and close the window entirely if you are in the automobile, but do not touch the vehicle body. Avoid any metals since they conduct electricity, and keep away from wires. 
  • Water is a conductor of electricity, so avoid coming into contact with it. 
  • Stay away from unplugged electrical equipment and disconnect power cords, antenna cables, telephone lines, and modem cables before and during a thunderstorm.
      Furthermore, unplug the plug entirely if possible because lightning may strike the power pole or wire, generating a rush of electricity and endangering and damaging electrical items.

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