How to run without harming your health?

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03 Jun 2022
How to run without harming your health?
      Running is a popular exercise. But running can be tiring and can cause injuries, especially for beginners. So today I'm going to share with you some professional running techniques that will help you not get tired easily and don't hurt your health.

  • Stretching before running : Start with a 5-minute brisk walk, then stretch your body to get your muscles and nervous system ready for exercise.
  • Check your physical condition : Before going for a run, you should check the readiness of your body, muscles, joints, knees, back, waist and hips.
  • Alternating running and walking fast : it makes it harder to get tired from running. It also reduces the chance of injury from physical force.
  • Practice breathing properly : Start by taking a breath through your nose. Then exhale at the same time through the nose and mouth. By releasing the wind, it must be clenched in the stomach. This method can help reduce the chances of getting colic.
  • Running the right way : You shouldn't run with too long strides because it will cause more impact on the knee joints. And you should not raise your knees too high as this will make your knee pain easier.

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