Health Check-up Before Marriage and Before Having Children

Health Check-up Packages


  • Health check-up before marriage and before having children 2022

1General physical examination by an obstetrician//
2Check the completeness of blood cells (CBC)//
3Blood type test (ABO Group for hematology)//
4Blood type test (Rh Group for Haematology)//
5Screening for thalassemia anemia (OF,DCIP)//
6Check for thalassemia (Hb.typing)//
7Test for hepatitis B virus (HBs Ag)//
8Test for hepatitis B antibodies (HBs Ab)//
9Check for syphilis(VDRL)//
10Test for HIV virus (HIV Antibody)//
11Urine Analysis//
12Breakfast Coupon//
13Health Check-up Report//
14Nursing servicesFree of chargeFree of charge
15Hospital servicesFree of chargeFree of charge
 Package Price (THB)2,5003,000

Remark :

  • Patients should avoid eating or drinking anything (except water) for at least 8-10 hours prior to health check-up.
  • All tests in each program are fixed and cannot be changed, and the package price only applies to cash payments.

Validity period :

  • Today until December 31, 2022
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Health Check-up Packages

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Phitsanulok Hospital offer a total of 10 health check-up programs covering all age groups, starting from THB 1,800.

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