Warning signs! Breast cancer risk

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13 Jun 2022
Warning signs! Breast cancer risk.
      Breast cancer, the number 1 danger of women's lives The motality rate of breast cancer in female trend to increase every years because of delay diagnosis. Detection of CA breast in the early stages is the important factor in cured. For this reason, over 35 years old female should have self-observation. These are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer for self-observation.
  • Painful or pain free lump in breast or axillary area.
  • Growing mass.
  • Dimpled breast skin.
  • Fluid or discharge leakage from the nipple.
  • Painful breast.
  • Chronic skin rash or ulcer on the breast.
      Eearly stage of breast cancer is asymptomatic. Self-examination may be missed. Visiting specialist and digital mamogram can increase early detection rate effecting to long term result and survival rate.
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