Any elderly who like to chew betel, raise your hand! Did you know? take risks 'oral cancer'

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25 Apr 2023
Any elderly who like to chew betel,  raise your hand! Did you know? take risks 'oral cancer'

      Which elderly person likes to chewing betel nut? Research has found that betel nuts contain components known as carcinogens, as well as lime used to eat with betel nuts that can erode the tissue in the mouth, causing irritation, chronic sores, and changes in cheek tissue cells that can lead to cancer. Today, we have a warning signal for oralcancer that you should see a doctor for if:

  • Chronic sores that don't go away or last for more than 2-3 weeks
  • White or red patches on the tissues inside the mouth or tongue
  • Bumps or lumps in the mouth that gradually increase in size and are often painless
  • A lump in the neck that doesn't hurt when pressed, which may be caused by cancer cells spreading to the lymph nodes
  • Some people may experience loose or missing teeth due to the growth of an abscessed tissue in the gums, palate, and floor of the mouth.

      In addition to chewing betel nuts and betel leaves, smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming hot food or beverages regularly can increase the risk of developing oral cancer up to 15 times more than normal. This is because heat affects the delicate tissue in the mouth, causing irritation and leading to chronic sores, which can eventually turn into cancer cells.


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