6 cool and healthy drinks

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20 May 2022

6 cool and healthy drinks
      Living under the sun makes the body lose water. When thirst kicks in, people tend to seek out fresh and cool drinks to tackle the heat. What are the drinks that can help with the heat and keep the body fresh? We have 6 healthy drinks to recommend
Cool drinks to keep you fresh in the heat
      A basic drink like water is the best thirst and heat killer while being the most beneficial. One serving of cold or iced water can relieve heat and stimulate metabolism. However, having too much water can cause water intoxication.
2.Fruit juice
      For those who love healthy drinks, fruit juice is a good choice. Orange juice can relieve heat effectively and provide a lot of vitamin C. Coconut juice is fragrant, sweet, delicious and full of vitamin B3, B7, B2, B1, B6 and contains a lot of minerals. But be careful of the sugar content in each juice.
09_Multi_PH_6 เครื่องดื่มคลายร้อน สดชื่นดี มีประโยชน์-02.jpg

3.Honey Lemon juice
      The award-winning sour drink “Honey Lemon Juice”. With the sourness from lemon and sweetness from honey, a perfect combination to fight the heat. An iced-cold glass can freshen up the mood while providing medicinal benefits. Be careful of the amount of honey, or you might be consuming too much calories.
      One cannot deny a smoothie in the hot summer. Kiwi or strawberry smoothie with some yogurt or milk is very tasty and healthy. Try to choose low calorie fruit and avoid adding more syrup as you might be taking too much sugar.
09_Multi_PH_6 เครื่องดื่มคลายร้อน สดชื่นดี มีประโยชน์-03.jpg

5.Fruit Soda
      Level up the freshness with Fruit Soda. One of the best cold drinks. Sour fruits such as lime, lemon, or plum mixed with some soda. Add a touch of honey for more taste. Be careful on the syrup amount to avoid having too much sugar, or Centella Asiatica juice that is packed with many benefits.
6.Herb Juice
      Another popular choice is herb drink as it has many variations such as Chrysanthemum Juice that can kill the thirst and help with ulcer, the sour Roselle juice that can freshen up the body, Centella Asiatica juice can help with sore throat, thirst and is very refreshing.
09_Multi_PH_6 เครื่องดื่มคลายร้อน สดชื่นดี มีประโยชน์-04.jpg

      Whatever the drink is, consume in an appropriate amount. Too much good can be bad as well

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