5 steps for social security health check-up at Phitsanulok Hospital

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12 Apr 2023
5 steps for social security health check-up at Phitsanulok Hospital

      As it is well known that those who have social security rights can reimburse treatment expenses for either the insured person, section 33 or section 39. In addition, you can exercise the right to check up on more than 14 social security items free of charge. All insured people, don't forget to exercise your rights for your own good health. Today we have 5 steps to check your health for social security rights at Phitsanulok Hospital.

  • You can ask for preliminary information online by informing your name-surname and 13-digit national ID number. Check the checklist before entering the service via the page FACEBOOK and LINE OA.
  • Make an appointment in advance to prepare before entering the health checkup service on the specified date.
  • On the scheduled date, you can submit your ID card at the public relations point of the hospital and take a history.
  • Entering the health check-up process according to individual items (Refrain from food and water before receiving the health check-up service)
  • After completing the health check-up process, the staff will inform you about the details and you can go home.

      Annual health check-ups are something that everyone should not overlook because they can check and assess their health to find ways to take care of their bodies. For those insured who use social security rights, you don't have to worry about expenses because you can have free annual health checks according to conditions.


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